The gold standard VEGAN Foundation

Rich in antioxidants and full of botanical extracts, the Zuii Organic Lux Luminescent Foundation will leave you with a beautifully flawless base – all while improving the health of your skin.

The Zuii Organic Lux Luminescent Foundation (Certified both Organic and Vegan) delivers a wonderful air-brushed finish effect with every application – acting as a second skin and providing a silky-smooth, luminous finish. With an incredibly light coverage, this foundation is as natural as they come, leaving you looking like you have nothing on at all. With a formula infused of so many natural goodies, including Bulbine Fructose Leaf Juice, Pavlova Lutheri Extract, Sunflower Oil and Bamboo Juice, this product works to create a protective barrier over your skin. Essentially, this means that with each application your skin will be protected from the harsh surrounding chemicals and pollutants in the environment – keeping you as healthy and radiant as possible. Not to mention, this revolutionary formula is simultaneously working to tighten your skin, boost collagen levels and add an abundance of hydration! This foundation is perfect for all skin types and tones, so what are you waiting for? Feed your skin with the love of nature’s ingredients.

Zuii Organic – Certified Organic makeup, tanning & body care
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