We all crave strong and flexible nails which makes Bend Don’t Break the perfect nail treatment for every manicure.

It’s true, we all want strong, hard nails that don’t break.  Well no, not exactly!  Hard nails are inflexible and tend to break easily which can be very painful.  What’s more a broken nail prevents you from achieving a flawless look.

Strengthening the outside of the nail plate whilst maintaining flexibility is where it’s at, and the mantra should be ‘maximise flexibility and minimise breakages’.  Many brands offer a specialised treatment base coat for exactly this result but only Jessica has mastered the art of flexible strength through painstaking research, development and testing.

The revolutionary nail complex saturates with hydrating polymers to increase flexibility and overall nail condition.  Natural strengtheners prevent splitting and breaking which allows your nails to absorb the shocks of daily life.

Bend Don’t Break is also 7 Free which means there is no need to worry about nasty chemicals on your nails.

With a strong flexible nail to work on, you will become the master of manicures and the envy of your friends, as they admire the results that you have achieved in salon or at home.

BEND DON’T BREAK is also a health conscious option and can be used as often as you need or like.  It can be used on any common nail condition to correct and maintain your nails in perfect shape.  Your nails will be flexible and strong enough to take the knocks, they will remain in great condition and be the perfect foundation for your next polish.

Available from Masters Beauty International (Jessica Cosmetics Australia)
1300 470 648