Take comfort with the Scentered De-Stress Therapy Balm when dealing with the demands of modern life, whether it is a hard day at work, commitments, or the eternal juggle to keep it all in balance.

Inspired and crafted with the purpose of keeping wellbeing in balance, the De-Stress Therapy Balm’s ultimate soothing and uplifting scent is formulated with a premium blend of responsibly sourced essential oils. These include: Chamomile to promote calmness, Neroli to help soothe tension and support feelings of wellbeing, and Mandarin to uplift your mood.

The leak-free design of Scentered balms make the perfect companion or gifting to easily reach from the pocket or handbag helping you stay centred wherever, whenever.


To make the most of the De-Stress Therapy Balm follow Scentered’s “Stop. Inhale. Reset.” ritual to take a moment for yourself, reset your mood, and transform the way you think and feel.

  • Stop – Apply a balm directly to your wrist, neck, and temples.
  • Inhale – Raise your wrists to your nose and deeply inhale, visualizing the mind state you wish to achieve in this moment.
  • Reset – Exhale deeply as you step into the next moment of your daily journey.


“A friend introduced me to these products and I haven’t been disappointed. This balm has an immediate effect on my mood and relaxes me before I go to bed and if I wake up during the night. Definitely does what it says on the tin!!”

“This smell of De-stress fits with the colour green. It has a nice earthy smell that relaxes your entire body. I also enjoy the healing balm quality of this product. Unique and practical for on the go, gifts, pretty much for any occasion!”

Please note this product is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Scentered is exclusively distributed in Australia by BLC Cosmetics Pty Ltd. 

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