Xtreme Lashes

The unique material on the tip holds fluids in a non-drip suspension instead of absorbing them, yet quickly and gently releases the fluids onto the destined area (lashes, eyelid, etc.



Try these soft, manageable, multi-purpose application and cleansing tools for:

Priming the eyelashes with Xtreme Lashes Primer
Removing lash extensions with Xtreme Lashes adhesive Remover
Removing eye makeup including mascara, eye liner and eye shadow with our Xtreme Lashes Eye Make up Remover and Facial Cleanser

Packaged in a convenient tube with a flip bottom opening for easy dispensing. Available in packs of 25, 50 or 100.

Buy some for yourself or retail to your clients as part of a maintenance package.

Only available to current Xtreme Lashes clients.
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