This 4-step in-clinic treatment works to efficaciously purify congested skin of impurities. SkinMTX®  PuriSmart™ Professional provides a plethora of ultra-hydrating active ingredients that rebalance skin with deep moisture, forming a protective veil to neutralise the appearance of redness and sensitivities.


• Purges impurities and boosts skin renewal

• Replenishes moisture level and regulates sebum levels

• Helps strengthen skin’s protective barrier to prevent the appearance of future breakouts

Active Ingredients:


Made of multiple AHAs and BHA, it penetrates the skin at different layers to provide thorough refinement. It helps to unclog pores, reduce the appearance of breakouts and boost skin’s radiance.

Volcanic Ash

Rich in ionic trace minerals it helps eliminate impurities in the skin. When hydrated, its unique molecular structure effectively becomes a magnet for positively-charged impurities and sebum to absorb and purge impurities.

Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Chamomile Extracts

Alleviates signs of redness, swelling and irritation and refines pores while regulating moisture levels to prevent water loss.

About SkinMTX®

New to the Advanced Cosmeceuticals portfolio, SkinMTX is an award-winning, dermatological-grade skincare line thatis formulated for proven, sustainable results. Driving innovations in aesthetic skincare for over two decades, SkinMTX® provides a range of in-clinic and home-care Aesthetic Dermatology, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Acne, Skin Brightening and Special Care lines which deliver optimal efficacy with superior reliability. Formulated with clinically-proven actives that offer unrivalled potency, SkinMTX® provides fast, effective solutions that exceed the demanding standards of aesthetic and dermatological care.

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