LYCON Hand Sanitiser Spray is a convenient pocket or hand bag size, fast and easy to use spry bottle!  WHO approved formula!  Being a spray, it is more efficient and versatile compared to a gel.  Apart from using it on hands, it can also be used on other surfaces such as mobile phones, general phones, computer keyboards and screens, car steering wheels, EFTPOS machines, general surfaces, when you are out shopping, sitting anywhere, the soles of shoes when you get home or at your work place.  It can be sprayed directly onto surfaces, or it can be sprayed onto a tissue or a paper towel to wipe things over. It is a cute compact size bottle, which your customers can purchase from you.  Staff will love them for quick sanitisation to ensure optimum hygiene precautions are taken on the go.  
Available in 50ml (bulk sizes can be made to order)

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