Nama Hydrating Day Cream

What it is: Nama Hydrating Day Cream

What it does: Organic Nama from the pristine waters of Fiji, acts on the ionic potential of the cells hydrating & plumping the skin. A light facial moisturizer that hydrates the skin & plumps the cells, minimizing fine lines. This light day moisturiser is perfect for daily use and under make up. Nama day care is essential to combat moisture depletion caused by daily environmental factors. Moisture is retained leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. Ideal for dehydrated & moisture depleted skin. A light day cream for all skin types and ideal for reducing redness for skin conditions associated with rosacea and couprose. Your skin will be hydrated, moisturized and radiant.
Paraben, alcohol, dye, fragrance, chemical free.

Who should use it: Suitable for all skin types. Apply over face after cleansing and applying Nama Hydrating Serum.

Nama of Fiji
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