Lash Lifting has become a global phenomenon, Elleebana has been extremely influential around the world with innovations in this arena and has spent over 2 decades researching and developing products for eyelash perming and lifting.

As lash lifting is a chemical process that restructures and styles the lash, it is very beneficial to put vitamins and nutrients onto the lashes to help give them stronger structure and therefore longer lasting results in the lash lift treatment. This helps to eliminate dry looking lashes that lack lustre and become frizzy over time.

The Re-GEN formula contains amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts and fruit extracts that are essential for optimal lash health. 

Conditions and Promotes Healthiest Hair Growth 

Boosts Moisture Content and Protects 

Combats Premature Hair Loss and Promotes Hair Growth with Protection Against Damage 

Nourishes and Strengthens the Hair Shaft

Eliminates Dryness and Relieves Hair Stress

Vegan Friendly – Does not contain Keratin which is an animal bi-product

This luxurious product is applied after your setting solution is removed and can be left on the lashes for up to 5mins for optimal lash health and that boost of moisture and hydration your lashes deserve. 

If optimal lash health is important to you and your clients, then Re-GEN is the solution for you. Available with the world’s leading distributors in over 60 countries!



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