HD Brows set out to create a professional brow lamination product that promised to deliver the very best results without compromising the eyebrow hairs. That’s when the BrowSculpt Duo was born. This powerful formula delivers high performance results with minimal damage to brow hairs, gaining industry wide recognition across the brand’s home country of the UK.

The BrowSculpt Duo is made up of the Relax and Reform Creams – the two essential products to complete the lamination stage of HD BrowSculpt treatments. The gentle formulations optimise performance while minimising hair damage.

The Relax Cream has been specially formulated to break down bonds in the hair, allowing them to be placed in the desired position. The bonds are then reset by the Reform Cream, fixing hairs in their new shape.

The creams are packaged in easy to use, single use sachets, meaning minimal wastage and optimal hygiene.

Available exclusively to those trained in HD BrowSculpt treatments, the training course goes in-depth on how to tailor your lamination treatments to every client, depending on their hair type and preferred style.