Single is the new black! Say hello to this stunning solo LED lamp. The MONO light is a powerfully bright daylight lamp designed to bring flawless lighting to any setting! The MONO is a must-have for fierce professionals who require bold lighting to make their work shine.

The MONO light provides a crisp white light, enabling you to see every detail of your work and capture stunning photos of your clients! The included table clamp makes it easy to attach the MONO light to any table, cart or work surface.

Tattoo artists love using the MONO to light up their human canvases! Featuring two brightness levels, (50% and 100%) this LED light lets you focus on fine details without heating up your client’s skin, even after several hours!

Estheticians and lash professionals love using the MONO light to highlight fine facial areas. The MONO is the perfect companion during lashes and brow waxes, lifts and extension services. Nail technicians rely on the MONO light to provide clean even lighting during acrylic applications.

Highlight your workstation and capture crush-worthy before and after photography to gain new clients and retain your loyal customers!


– HD Daylight 5,600k
– Adjustable brightness (50% & 100%)
– Flicker-free
– Clamps onto any shelf or table
– Dual voltage 100-240V
– Lightweight: 0.9kg

Kit Includes:

– (1) Fully flexible single LED luminary with power and two setting dimming
– (1) Table clamp accessory
– (1) Dual voltage power supply (works in all countries)

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