Elleebana Stronghold Lash Lifting Adhesive

The lash lift innovators Elleebana have come up with a world first formulation with Elleebana stronghold lash lift adhesive. In the race to have innovative products that deliver the best results in maintaining lash health, Stronghold adhesive contains Keratin and Biotin to help strengthen hair during the lash lift treatment process. The other advantage of this adhesive is the ability to hold lashes in place during the lash lift procedure. It is a frequent issue that many lash lifters face once the lotions are processing, many adhesives loss the strength due to being water based and breaking down once otions are applied, this can cause the lashes to move which gives an undesirable result at the end of the treatment. Strong hold increases the chances of success by keeping those lashes locked in place until the final removal of product.

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