Danish skincare: supermodel and expert approved

Not all anti-ageing products are created equal. However, Beauté Pacifique’s Super3 Booster stands out when it comes to treating signs of ageing and sun damage, while also working to treat a bevy of other skin issues.

Super3 Boost is an essential of any skincare regime actively looking to promote skin health, creating an overall more youthful and fresher appearance.

Incorporating two different forms of vitamin A, the effective formulation of Super3 Booster works to rejuvenate the skin’s collagen and elastin fibre structure, resulting in healthier and better-looking skin.

While vitamin A is usually one to steer clear of while pregnant and breastfeeding, Beauté Pacifique’s gentle formula utilises all the benefits of vitamin A, without any of the side effects of retinol. Combined with its unique delivery system, Super3 Booster is completely safe to use during a time when your skin is in most need of care.

But this wonder cream can do more than just treat the signs of ageing. Super3 Booster can work magic on thin and crêpey skin, and dry and brittle nails. For teens with angry acne, Super3 Boost reduces the skin’s sebum secretion and contains Propolis, which fights active pimples and prevents the formation of scars.

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