Danish skincare – supermodel and expert approved

Beauté Pacifique’s first product, Crème Métamorphique, was launched in 1997 and proved an instant success. It is scientifically proven to prevent and repair wrinkles, and severely sun-damaged skin thanks to its highly concentrated and deep-skin penetrating formula.

Combining the power of two forms of vitamin A, Crème Métamorphique specifically works to rebuild collagen fibre structures and helps to reinforce and rejuvenate the skin – offering a fresher, healthier looking appearance overall.

Considered a vital step in any anti-ageing skincare regimen, this patented cream is a key daily product for anyone over 25, though should also be considered a ‘jump-starter’ for younger skin.

And while doctors suggest avoiding topical retinoids (including vitamin A) during pregnancy, all Beauté Pacifique products are completely safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.


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