Barneys Brow Radiance 2-in-1 Film Bead Wax

Barneys Professional Brow Radiance 2-in-1 Film Bead Wax helps you create perfectly sculpted brows. Its innovative formula offers a gentle waxing experience whilst capturing even the tiniest of hairs.

Applies like Strip Wax and removes like Hard Wax without the need for wax strips. The wax adheres firmly to both fine and coarse hair for effective removal in just one application! It is a versatile Film Bead Wax and suitable for general facial waxing, convenient and cost effective.

Made in Australia + Cruelty Free + Recyclable Packaging + Easy to pour resealable bag

Designed exclusively for the Waxing Professional by Barneys Salon Supplies.

Discover the new Brow Radiance 2-in-1 Film Bead Wax, part of the new Beaded Wax Range from Barneys Salon Supplies. Call 1800 676 522 or click here


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