Acneic skin is damaged and dry skin. This usually exacerbates when acne sufferers believe their comedomes are created by oily skin, leading them to use foaming cleansers which further dry their skin. Salubre Cosmeceuticals Flawless range is formulated to hydrate and rejuvenate dry, damaged acneic skin via non-comedogenic herbal extracts and healing oils.

The combination of organic floral waters with botanicals assists in reducing redness while removing impurities to help balance the skin’s pH level.

The Flawless Purifying Facial Spritzer acts as a hydrating spritzer that has a dual action of further cleansing the skin while it can be used during the day over make-up to further address acne concerns and keep the skin hydrated especially around extremely weather changes.

The active ingredients compliment the other anti-blemish Flawless products in the range to gently balance the skin and restore hydration while removing impurities in the skin’s pores. Essential nutrients contained in the spritzer, enter into the skin and assists in reducing over production of sebum while providing nutrients to promote the skin’s natural beauty.

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