Amazingly HEALTHY Lifted Lashes!

LVL (which stands for Lift / Volume / Length) is unlike any other lash lift product on the market today, adopting a health-first approach to lashes to create a stunning lift that lasts up to 8 weeks, and most importantly is kind and gentle on the natural lashes.

Below are some of the amazing reasons why you will love the UK’s number # 1 Lash Brand:


The revolutionary LVL treatment is unique in that it has been developed to nourish and protect lashes. The LVL incorporates a unique blend of moisturising ingredients, including hydrolysed collagen and oats, which are designed to be locked into the natural lash during the treatment. This means lashes are left healthy without the dried out or “frizzled” results that plague other lash lift products.

Tinting made easy

One of the biggest benefits that LVL offers over other lash lift products is how lash tinting is incorporated into the treatment. The tinting is built into the LVL procedure which means there is no over processing of the lashes, making it a gentler treatment on the lash and removing the need to use water. This results in better lash lifts, faster application, and less hassle for both technician and client.


The LVL Lash Lift system is quick to apply – its innovative blister-pack packaging makes the system efficient with consistent results every time. Our blister packaging is exclusive to Nouveau lashes and is designed to limit product wastage and increase productivity. An LVL treatment including tint can be completed in just 45 minutes, making it a fast and profitable service to include in a salons business.


Being the inventors of lash lift treatments, Nouveau Lashes literally wrote the book on lash lift training. As a result, the LVL training is a world class program that shares with technicians the combined knowledge of over 13 years of lash lifting experience ensuring you achieve amazing results with every lift.

Nouveau Lashes training is available across Australia, both in class and online, and cater for all levels of experience, from beginners to expert lash artists.

Learn more about Nouveau Lashes LVL or other lash extensions or volume products and training at or by calling 1300 246 435.

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