The Ultraderm Restore Radiance Packs come with 3 toning and radiance-boosting products: Ultraderm’s Absolute C Cream, Absolute C Serum and Essential Restore Serum

Ultraderm Absolute C Cream contains L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) for its superior antioxidant protection against environmental damage. It works effortlessly to defend against UV damage, aids in collagen synthesis, and improves skin tone and radiance. Lactic Acid refines skin’s texture and increases hydration so your skin feels comfortable, smooth and supple. Ideal for dry, sensitive and reactive skin condition.

Ultraderm Absolute C Serum is an effective combination of nourishing and brightening ingredients to help improve skin tone and radiance. Providing concentrated antioxidant protection, Absolute C Serum aids collagen synthesis helping to reduce the signs of premature ageing including fine lines and wrinkles. Additional ingredients work to brighten the skin by inhibiting melanin production and tyrosinase activity. This lightweight serum is perfect for all skin types and absorbs easily and works exceptionally when used under Absolute C Cream.

Ultraderm Essential Restore Serum contains an exclusive blend of Plant Lipid Complex and Rose Oil to quickly nourish and restore damaged, dehydrated and fragile skin. The powerful blend of protecting natural botanicals and nurturing ingredients keeps the skin soft and radiant whilst antioxidants assist with oxidative stress caused by the environment and lifestyle factors. Ideal for all skin types especially dry, dehydrated, compromised and stressed skin.

– Provides antioxidant protection
– Leaves skin comfortably hydrated
– Combats free radical damage
– Boosts collagen production
– Improves skin tone and radiance
– Paraben free

Restore Radiance Packs $72 available at selected beauty salons, clinics and spas Australia wide or via

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