Electronic check-in mandatory for NSW salons

While salon owners have generally been pretty on-the-ball about recording the contact details of customers, NSW salon owners are going to have to up their game, give the mandatory electronic check-in rule that is set to come into effect.

As of this week, it’s mandatory for all commercial venues to have electronic check-in systems in place.

By far the most popular has been the QR code style of check-in, such as SwipedOn, Guest Track, QRarrived, or Wavin – where a customer literally waves in with their phone.

For customers entering venues without a mobile phone, salons are asked to record their details and time of entry on another device. 

Venues must manually collect contact details in instances where electronic forms can not be accessed, including during internet outages. 

Any salon that is caught not using an electronic check-in system risks facing a fine. Council of Small Business Organisations Australia CEO Peter Strong is supportive of the fine, saying businesses understand what is at stake if they do not comply with COVIDSafe rules. “As much as you always hate fines, we live with COVID-19, and there are people who don’t do the right thing,” Mr Strong says.

“We believe, given the danger to society and to all business of a second outbreak, that the message is loud and clear you have to do this,” Mr Strong says.

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