While salons have largely made the move to digitise their offerings over the past year by ramming up their e-commerce platforms to sell products, their real income comes from in-salon treatments, and this is where the NRA fears businesses such as beauty salons could run into trouble.

The industry body supports the recently announced loans of up to $6000 to help retailers get online, but insists that not all businesses can transition to a digital marketplace.

“E-commerce is going to be essential for many businesses going forward, but not all businesses can go online,” NRA chief executive Dominique Lamb said. “What many retailers desperately need are loans so they can freshen up their public facing branding to attract customers and help keep them afloat during this period of instability.”

The NRA is calling on the federal government to provide $5000 loans to small businesses that rely on in-store transactions for the success of their business.

With 20 our cent of 2020 business closures being those in the retail space, the NRA insists that the assistance is necessary, to avoid even more closures of small businesses, including salons.

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