INIKA Global Brand Manager Celia Trevisani reveals her clean beauty inspiration.

Tell us how your career began with INIKA?

“After 16 years in the beauty industry, I began to look for new ways to bring meaning to my career. When the opportunity at INIKA Organic came up I felt like it was a sign! Working for a brand that has such a strong ethical commitment to produce the highest Certified Organic products possible was exactly what I was looking for! That was almost three years ago, and I have never been more motivated!”

What attracts you to the brand?

“When I discovered INIKA Organic, the values of the brand immediately resonated with me. INIKA’s ingredients promise is one of the most restrictive in the market – one of the main reasons other natural products can fail in quality. INIKA never compromises high performance or the best ingredients to create its products, even if it means longer development time or more time on research. The integrity the brand has to keep developing quality natural products and the desire to find new ways and innovative natural ingredients is really unique. For me personally I am very passionate about clean living and detoxing our lives, whether it’s the food we eat, or products we use. I feel it’s especially important to detoxify our beauty routines considering how much our skin absorbs.”

Favourite part of the job?

“I love that as a brand we keep pushing the boundaries of natural formulations! INIKA Organic is a pioneer, launching the cleanest formulas possible within the highest standards of Organic Certifications. We create products that perform just as well, if not better than others, but without using chemicals or fillers – only botanical or mineral ingredients.”

What are some of the challenges of being vegan, organic and a cruelty free brand?

“The certifications we comply with make formulation more challenging and product development times much longer than other brands. However, when we do launch new products it’s more exciting and also more rewarding!

When we embarked on the journey to formulate the first Certified Organic and Vegan lipstick, people in the industry didn’t believe such a product could be achieved. They believed there were too many constraints for it to be compliant and not enough available ingredients.

After three years in development, we proved the industry wrong and launched the world’s first Certified Organic and Vegan lipstick! It’s an amazing product with such a unique formula and is now a staple in our range.”

Where are your ingredients sourced from?

“We are a proudly Australian-owned and designed brand, but we source our ingredients from all over the world! This is to ensure we always have highest quality grade and the latest innovations in botanical science. We also need to ensure each ingredient complies with the strict standards of our certifiers. In saying this we will never stop researching the latest innovations in natural ingredients that have the greatest benefits!”

Most popular cult product in the range?

“Our foundations, both Loose Mineral Powder and Liquid Foundation attract a cult-like following. The Liquid Foundation, because it’s enriched with Pomegranate Seed Oil, Kakadu Plum and Prickly Pear – perfect for people with sensitive skin. The Loose Mineral powder is also a fan favourite as it’s a pure mineral formula, doesn’t clog pores and offers the benefit of an SPF 25 – the perfect triple threat foundation!

The Long Lash Vegan Mascara has quickly become a best seller and revolutionised the natural makeup space! Even professional makeup artists are blown away when trying it! It’s ultra-lengthening, creates a panoramic lashes and gives great volume – the perfect all-rounder!”

Any plans to extend the brand?

“We have exciting re-formulations, shade updates, product launches and collaborations in the works for the next year. Watch this space!”

Does the brand follow seasonal trends – what can we expect to see coming up?

“We work closely with the world of fashion and after some very successful runway shows in 2018 we’ll be back again this year creating looks at New York Fashion Week!

We will also be launching a limited edition seasonal colour range later this year, filled with versatile shades to create a natural everyday glow or the most glamorous evening looks.”

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