Fermio nutritional fermented supplements launch

FERMIO, the Australian wellness company specialising in nutritional fermentation, hosted intimate appointments with media and influencers to talk about the importance of gut health and their unique process of triple-fermentation used across their products, including their Nutritional Cleanse product, in a range that harnesses the power of nutritional fermentation biotechnology, using triple-fermented ingredients to effectively cleanse the digestive
system, balance the gut microbiome and nourish the body with potent phytonutrients to promote optimal wellbeing.  

Ai-Lien Chen, FERMIO’s lead product developer and co-founder, as well as head of Marketing and Communications Lucia Pang took guests through a deep-dive of the unique properties and ingredients behind each formulation. FERMIO’s mission is to simplify health and wellness processes by offering products easily adapted into everyone’s daily life for optimal wellness.

Guests were also offered a sneak preview of soon-to-launch Collagen + Clarity (formulated with premium Japanese Marine Collagen and natural nootropics to support your mental clarity and calming GABA to reduce stress) and Immunity + Complex (using a modern blend of traditional Chinese herbs and fermented plant antioxidants) products.

  • Fermio nutritional fermented supplements launch
  • Fermio Australian wellness company launches with a nutritional cleanse formulated with nutritional fermented biotechnology
  • Fermio launch

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