Dr. Naomi skincare launches in Sydney today

On Wednesday beauty insiders gathered for intimate briefings with Sydney’s leading cosmetic physician (and meme-maker) Dr. Naomi at The Manse in Paddington to get a first look at the new Dr. Naomi Skin.

Dr. Naomi Skin contains no less than nineteen products to help “Beauty High Achievers” reach their skincare goals. Dr. Naomi said in conversation that inspiration for the range came from her earliest experiences in cosmetic medicine. Naomi left university a skincare skeptic but noticed the most common complaints from patients were skin pigmentation and discoloration. Patients were prescribed Kligman’s, a potent combination of hydroquinone and retinoic acid. When regulars returned Dr. Naomi was struck not only by their results, but their happiness. After that she was converted from skincare skeptic to fanatic and to this day believes that all cosmeceutical skincare should be focused on achieving clarity and even-tone. She said “Beauty is derived from the reflection of light; I wanted to make finding that light the focus of every product in the range.” 

The packaging and positioning of the brand has been developed in step with Dr. Naomi’s social-media excellence. With the most followed cosmetic Instagram in Australia it’s only natural for Dr. Naomi to believe skincare should be shelfie-ready and deliver both instant and long-term results that’ll help social media mavens cut down on their filter use (and abuse). The range has also been formulated to help quell any concerns regular customers might have too.

Dr. Naomi Skin formulations use a proprietary 12-ingredient system, including clinical levels of  niacinamide and Centella asiatica (aka gotu kola) and “drone” peptide technology that delivers the actives directly where needed.  Olivier Duvilla, CEO of Dr. Naomi Skincare, says this system actually fits in with the brand’s clean-beauty ethos. He says “It’s not fear mongering. We want to alleviate common consumer concerns by removing commonly queried ingredients so they can focus on achieving their best skin.”  Likewise, Dr. Naomi skincare has an interest in sustainability so the line is manufactured right in Australia, drawing on locally sourced ingredients and native botanicals.

They have managed to launch with refillable airless packaging for their potent range of serums, which is remarkable as airless technology is typically a challenge to recycle, let alone refill. The brand has made refills easy, the outer shell can be refilled with any serum “canister” from the range.

After getting an inside peek at Dr. Naomi Skin today, PB suspects Dr. Naomi’s range will please even the pickiest skincare junkies. Get access to the range here.

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