Sponsored Post: Two American beauty forces come together at the Da Mojo Agencies / IHP Health & Organics booth at Salon Melbourne this year — make sure to visit Stand #1210!

“With a quick click, you’re naturally illuminated. Shine on.” – meet Pure Illumination, an addictive impulse buy, this lip gloss is at a point of sale must. Especially since most customers buy more than one at a time. Formulated with all natural ingredients of medical grade lanolin, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil, the Disco Gloss appeals to fun-loving and on-the-go females. The mini mirror on the side of the tube is ideal for discreet makeup checks, while the quick-click LED light provides instant illumination.


Pure Illumination is debuting three new colors at the Salon Melbourne Expo: Funky Fuchsia, Magnetic Mauve and Raging Red. These new beauty-forward colors are even more bold, rich, and intense.

For men, meet Hanz de Fuko, an eco-innovation line of grooming products garnering praise from the likes of David Beckham and Calvin Harris and their coveted cuts. For women, the Pure Illumination ‘Disco Gloss’ lights up both your lips and the night with naturally hydrating ingredients and an LED light packaging twist. For those seeking luxurious products with an emphasis on organic beauty, not to mention eye-catching packaging, these two complimentary brands are tried-and-true customer favorites.


With an 87-90 per cent reorder rate by salons and apothecaries, once you try Hanz de Fuko you never go back. Created with 100 per cent certified organic ingredients and natural plant extracts, this range is sulfate, paraben, and Propylene Glycol free. Products are formulated to pH balance your scalp and hair encouraging cellular regeneration from the scalp, which increases hair growth, thickening, strength, and shine. Zero animal testing, always.


Hanz de Fuko comes in eco-friendly recyclable jars and bottles and is never over packaged. Scheme Cream, a medium-weight hair grip, provides a slight texture and hold for all hair types; Quicksand is a powder-to-crème formula that creates matte texture and intense volume — it also serves as a dry shampoo; the Natural Shampoo & Conditioner is a hair cleanse system loaded with 16+ pure plant extracts and 10+ amino acids — the Conditioner expands the hair bulb thus preventing hair loss.

The Hanz de Fuko lineup also includes: Sponge Wax, Modify Pomade, Hybridized Wax, and Gel Triq.


Visit Stand #1210 to try both Hanz de Fuko and Pure Illumination at Salon Melbourne this weekend.

For more information contact Rick O’Connor at rick@damojoagencies.com or call 0408 522 547.

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