ASOS releases Crayola makeup line

Crayola, the creator of the iconic children’s crayons, has teamed up with online British fashion and beauty website ASOS to create an exclusive beauty line that consists of 58 products and offers a colour box of 95 shades.

The new range covers all bases in make-up including blusher, highlighter, lipstick, eye-shadow, mascara and tools.

Released on the ASOS website on June 4, the new range captures Crayola’s sense of “self-expression and creativity” from the cosmetics to the packaging.  The classic children’s crayon has been transformed into a multi-purpose ‘face-crayon’ that can be used to apply make-up in a variety of ways (eg, the red crayon can be used to colour in lips, draw on eyeliner and/or highlight cheek bones.

Crayola aims to conjure up childhood memories with many consumers remembering using these crayons to draw on their parents’ wall and now they can be used as make-up for the face.

Priced from $15 to $40, these cruelty-free, vegan products bring back a retro vibe to make-up.  The line which is vivid and wild encourages gender fluidity to celebrate self-expression and encourages consumers to draw outside the lines and be creative.

However, this isn’t Crayola’s first collaboration with a major brand ‒ the company has worked with Sally Hansen to create a series of nail polishes and also with Clinique to help inspire an exclusive crayon-like lip balm collection known as ‘Chubby Sticks’.

ASOS has launched the ‘Go Play’ campaign to promote the new Crayola make-up line, aimed at diversity within the fashion/beauty world. It will be sold exclusively on the ASOS website.


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