It’s time to bring your salon into the digital age…

These nifty tricks will have you ditching your old school ways and embracing your inner geek, faster than you can pull out that big old appointment book…

1. Get automated


Forget doing everything manually and automate your salon. Think ditching individual phone calls for automatic text reminders to clients before appointments and hours of sorting through paperwork for instant updates of all your business’s financials. Thanks to salon organisation software, it’s all possible.

2. Personalise it


Technology is a beautiful thing when it comes to connecting with your customers. Salon booking programs are now so high-tech they know more about your customer than you do. In fact, such technologies now store everything from your customer’s last appointment details to their purchase history and product preferences, allowing you to spot spending trends in your salon and cater your service personally to each client with the click of a button a few seconds before they arrive for their appointment.

3. Go cashless

Let’s face it, almost no one carries around actual money anymore, and often customers are in a hurry, so why not streamline things and sort out payment before they even arrive? Cashless booking systems let your customers not only book, but pay for their appointment online and ahead of time using a variety of check-out methods (Paypal is considered the most efficient and safe right now) so the only thing left to do after your client’s appointment is wish them a good day!

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