17 Phrases Guaranteed To Horrify Beauty Therapists

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There are some things you simply can’t un-hear…

1. “Face primer? Seriously, who needs that?”

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2. “There’s no point paying for a spray tan when you can just do it at home yourself.”

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3. “I just do my own nails.”

4. “I just went for a run, hope it’s still okay to do my massage.”

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5. “This product doesn’t have a price on it, so I guess it’s free.”

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6. “I know it’s last minute, but can I extend my back massage to a full body?”

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7. “Wait, so you paint nails and do makeup for a living? What a cruisy job!”

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8. “These tootsies haven’t seen daylight in a long time, so they’re gunna be pretty rough.”

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9. “I shave my eyebrows off and draw them on, they look so much better that way.”

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10. “I’ve gone with a more affordable option.”

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11. “I don’t believe in spending money on beauty services, I’m just not that vain.”

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12. “So when are you going to get a real job?”

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13. “I wash my face with soap.”

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14. “Exfoliation? What’s that?”

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15. “I think this eyeliner pencil’s about five years old, but makeup never expires anyway so it doesn’t matter.”

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16. “There’s no difference between regular nail polish and Shellac.”


17. “No offence, but beautifying people’s eyebrows isn’t exactly rocket science.”

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