16 Things People Who Work In Salons Know To Be True

Source: laddiez.com

Tan stains are just the beginning of it…

Source: laddiez.com
Source: laddiez.com

Every job has its pros and cons; but when your friends all have normal 9-5s and you spend your weekends ripping wax from ungodly places on strangers and scrubbing off tan stains, it can be hard for anyone to understand your struggle quite like your salon sisters can. Here are 16 things everyone who works in a salon knows to be true…

1. When wax spills, it goes to places you didn’t even know existed.

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2. Toenails have a habit of ending up in your hair, clothes and mouth.

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3. You go through wet wipes faster than a baby.

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4. TGIF literally has no meaning to you.

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Source: pinterest.com

5. Your fellow salon staff are basically your family.

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6. You’ve acquired so many tan stains, people just assume you have a skin disease.

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7. Your chiro is on speed dial.

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8. Bad eyebrows haunt you everywhere you go.

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9. And don’t even start on bad makeup.

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10. You’ve become a pro at dancing to soothing ocean music.

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11. Glitter nail polish gives you nightmares.

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12. As a general rule of thumb, you try to never think about the last time you had an actual weekend off.

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13. Or the last time you had a lunch break that lasted longer than ten minutes.

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14. Instead, you focus on the little things, like the joy you feel when your facial client has a giant cluster of blackheads.

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15. Or when a hot client shows up for a chest wax.

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16. And despite its cons, the salon is easily your favourite place in the world.

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