If it’s been a while since you’ve given yours a sprucing-up, here’s a check-list to breathe some fresh life into yours.

New pictures
A picture can paint a thousand words. And if your site has had the same images on it for the last couple of years, it’s time for an update. “People make a judgement call based on imagery all the time, we’re visual creatures,” says online marketing expert Bronwyn Aliah. “Your photos need to be on-brand, and really show not only the services you offer, but the lifestyle you’re selling to people who come into your salon. Avoid cheesy stock shots because they look cheap and horrifically staged.”

Update your ‘About us’ page
“Too many business owners treat this page as an afterthought,” says Bronwyn. “But in an age where customers want to feel they have a personal relationship with salon owners and therapists, it’s important to make sure it’s an engaging read. Have images of staff, and personal details such as their hobbies and backgrounds. And also ensure you talk about how your salon came to be.”

If you’re not using video, why not?! It’s proven to be engaging and gives viewers an insight into your business and what you do. “You’re trying to sell to the TikTok generation, the women and men who have grown up with social media. They live and breathe video. You need to use it,” says Bronwyn.

“Sometimes, you just need to start over,” says Bronwyn. “If your site isn’t user-friendly, or it feels slow and clunky or is just a bit bland, it may be worth considering a complete do-over. It doesn’t need to cost the earth; there are plenty of low-cost providers. Just do torn research first so you don’t end up with something worse than when you started.”

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