If you don’t have a database of email subscribers, the simple question is: Why not?! It’s the quickest way to get your salon’s news right where people will know about it – in their inbox.

Assuming you ask all customers for their details upon their first appointment in the salon, or when they purchase products online, their email address is your golden ticket to adding to your database. Ask them to agree to receive news and updates (add in the magic words “discounts” and “offers”) and you’re ‘a’ for away.

Avoid the trash void
Getting your email into someone’s inbox is one thing – getting them to open it is something else entirely. “Given the amount of spam that lands in our emails every day, you need to really stand out,” says digital expert, Mila O’Reilly. “Your subject line needs to grab them in. Tell them something they want to know, like that there are ‘amazing discounts’ in the salon this week, or that you have the treatment that a certain celebrity swears by.”

Offer valuable information
If a subscriber opens your newsletter and isn’t all that impressed, chances are they’ll either unsubscribe, or never bother opening another one again. “Give them valuable content or don’t bother sending it at all,” says Mila. “Sending an email just to have sent it, is the fastest way to lose subscribers. Wait until you have something interesting to say before you hit send.”

Don’t let them disappear easily
It’s inevitable that you’re going to lose subscribers on occasion. But don’t make it that simple for them to disappear for good. “Make them a final offer to stick around,” says Mila. “When they press ‘unsubscribe’, have an automated ‘before you go’ note. Offer for them to receive emails at a lesser frequency, or to give you feedback on why they’re leaving. Some will leave regardless, some will stick around. All of it is valuable information.”

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