If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that even the beauty industry – a business traditionally based on personal touch – needs be fluent in all things digital if we’re to survive. From selling products on an e-commerce platform, to building a social media marketing plan, salon owners need to know their way around a digital strategy. If this has you quivering in your boots, here are our hacks to help you on your way.

Schedule social media posts
Sure, you could log into your Instagram account at 8am every morning to upload your daily post, but let’s be frank here, stuff happens. Phone calls turn into meetings, traffic can hold us up, as can a countless list of other things. Schedule your posts in advance, and you can scratch the 8am log-in off your to-do list.

“The  million other things that business owners need to do can lead them to neglect their social media posting entirely, or do haphazardly if and when they have the time,” says social media manager Matthew Golford. “That can become frustrating for as follower. There’ll be low engagement and as a result, you lose out on that potential for new business.” Matthew recommends salon owners look into scheduling tools such as Hootsuite. “Your entire week’s posts can be scheduled in 20 minutes,” he says.

Lean on your communities
By communities, we mean online networking groups. There are literally thousands of Facebook groups for business owners, salons included. “If you’r struggling to get your head around something, chances are someone else has had the same problem and found a solution,” says Matthew. “Some groups to consider are Australian Small Business Network, Beauty Therapists of Australia, and Business, Business, Business.”

Set up alerts
One of the big factors that resonates with customers is the speed with which their queries of requests are responded to.  “Speak to your software supplier to ensure that your CRM package is alerting to to enquires received through your website, to appointment cancellations or when product is running low,” says Matthew. “It will help you stay on top of things.

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