In a year that has shaken our industry to its very core (we’re looking at you, bush fires, and COVID-19), we worked to evolve our content to better reflect your needs, with articles specifically focused on the changing environment, and advice on how to steer your salon through it.

We introduced #BEAUTYSTRONG, a hub that housed all of our COVID-19 related content, complete with government and state news, support and advice, as well as updates on how suppliers were helping their salon partners.

But the only way to know that we’re on the right track is to check in with the people that matter: you.

Thank you to everyone that took part – and a big thanks to Square Australia for offering five participants a contactless payment system for their salon!

Some of our findings are below.

Seventy one per cent of our readership is made up of skincare professionals, with lashes, brows and hair removal coming in a close second and third. The majority of these businesses are located in NSW, with Victoria coming in second, at 22 per cent.

Our online audience has valued our coverage of the recent COVID-19 coverage, with the majority saying they relied on our government and regulation news to keep them up to date as the pandemic unfolded. Results showed that our audience also values our industry news, as well as insights on further building their business.

We were thrilled that the majority of participants visit several times every week. We aim to increase that to even more visits, with increased interactive content, videos, giveaways and incentives.

We’re extremely proud that the majority of participants rated our online content as five stars, and the majority had also purchased products that they had seen on our site.

Thank you for taking part!

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