While you’ll no-doubt be aware of which phase of the roll-out you will personally slot into (salon workers and the general, healthy adult population fall into the final phases), it’s important to know whether members of your staff are eligible – and therefore encouraged – to receive the vaccine sooner.

While the first phase is specifically for frontline workers, and aged care staff, the second phase may be relevant to particular members of your staff. According to this week’s press conference, elderly adults aged 70 to 79, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 55 and above, and younger adults with underlying medial conditions will also receive the jab.

“While the federal hasn’t released specific details on when each phase will begin and end, as a salon owner, it’s your responsibility to be on top of that information, for the safety of your staff,” says human resources expert, Carrie Belmot.

Who pays?
Business owners will not be responsible for paying for their own or their employees’ coronavirus vaccines.

The federal government has previously said COVID-19 vaccines will be free for all Australian citizens.

Vaccines will also be free for permanent residents and temporary visa-holders, as part of the Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Can you force your staff to get vaccinated?
As previously reported, past cases create a strong position for employers to insist that their staff get the jab. However, this is a grey area and should be treated on a case-by-case basis.

The federal government expects minimal pushback by antu-vaxxers, and has committed to a $24 million advertising campaign to dispel any fears associated with the vaccine.

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