Employee records you need to keep

If you’re a small business, chances are that you don’t have an HR department. So the waters can be a little murky when it comes to employee records, and what you need to keep long after that staff member has left your company. There are basic records that you need to keep, in accordance with […]

Qualities of good managers

Ask any beauty worker and they’ll tell you that their manager can make or break their experience at work. We’ve moved into an era where leading with an iron fist is no longer considered the most effective of methods. Rather, beauty workers suggest that the best managers are good listeners, have self awareness and empathy […]

Why good staff resign

It’s a great feeling when you hire a great staff member. Perhaps it was someone you’d had your eye on for some time, or a surprise candidate with a mind-blowing CV. And so it’s understandably disappointing when hat same employee hands you their letter of notice. Staff turnover in the beauty industry is high, but […]


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