FURTHER EDUCATION: The Advanced Skills Academy

FOUNDED ON THE basis of excellence, The Advanced Skills Academy was developed to support aesthetic & beauty students seeking a higher level of learning by providing a quality assured Nationally Recognised Training Organisation that emphasises a hands on approach to education to meet the practical needs of employers. The company has a solid history stemming from […]

Top End luxury at Cullen Bay Day Spa

Cullen Bay Day Spa is redefining luxury in the Top End. We catch up with owner Marii Fordham to talk waterfront views and luxury treatments.

A New Zealand skincare expert weighs in

Award-winning Sharnelle Mitchell from Renaissance Spa in Christchurch, talks about skin sensitivity, pigmentation, and what makes a really great skincare professional.

Join the Tribe

Nicole Stubbs, owner of Tribe Natural Beauty, talks about being a sole practitioner, staying motivated – and working with the best in the world.

The power of two

Tilly Barnett and Eve Saggu partnered up to open their new salon No.13 The Beauty Avenue in Sydney’s Potts Point. Professional Beauty stops by their serene urban salon.


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