Sell more products

While the treatments on offer in your salon are your bigger money-makers, moving products off the shelves can significantly add to your bottom line. According to a recent survey by market research firm Nielsen, the percentage of revenue the average salon makes from retail products is around 5 per cent. And yet, the skincare industry […]

Medik8 launches 12-week treatment

Medik8 has long been a favourite of skincare professionals, and their latest offering – a training programme for the skin – as upped the ante when it comes to delivering that glow that all customers are in search of. The new ’12 Weeks to WOW’ programme consists of six in-clinic peels tailored to customers’ specific […]

Demand for fat-dissolving injections on the rise

While dedication to exercise may help to melt fat away from certain  parts of the body, other areas – such as under the chin – can be more stubborn. As a result, the demand for fat-dissolving injections in Australian clinics has increased dramatically. “Fat-dissolving injections are an injectable drug that work by destroying the fat […]

Is your salon manager sabotaging your team?

Having an effective manager at your spa is invaluable – they are your right-hand person, always putting the needs of the salon first, empowering and mentoring more junior staff and, in a perfect world, giving you a bit of a breather. And all managers know that their staff’s performance is an indication of how well […]

The rise of the male facial

While the traditional salon customer has long been female, the interest in spa treatments from men is growing exponentially. With that in mind, salons are needing to adjust their offerings to appeal to their male market. A different skin Men’s skin and women’s skin does vary, not greatly, but there are some noticeable differences to […]

A guide: dealing with difficult customers

For every ten clients that love the treatment they receive at your salon, you’re likely to come across one that’s not as complimentary. And yet, while it can put a dampener on your day to deal with a less-than-thrilled client, it’s your responsibility as a salon owner to try your best to put that client […]

Turn one-timers into regular, loyal customers

Getting a potential client to make a booking is one thing (and not to be sniffed at), but getting them to commit to coming back? That’s a whole category of its own. So how do you turn a one-time booking into a recurring one? Create a programme Let’s be clear here: clients hate upselling. It’s […]

Finance mistakes to avoid

Let’s be honest here: every salon owner is going to make a few financial mistakes at some point. We’re not all savvy in finance and when we’re starting up especially, it’s often our own limited understanding that we need to rely on. But there are a few finance mistakes we can all avoid, to make […]

The Green Edit: make your salon earth-friendly

We know we should use less plastic, opt for products that are chemical-free and ideally, locally made. That’s quite the check-list though, and it can be daunting to know where to start. If going green in your salon is on your to-do list, The Green Edit is a good place to start. Founded by organic […]

The secrets of Miss Franc

One of Sydney’s best-kept beauty secrets, Miss Franc in Sydney’s Paddington is quickly earning a reputation for the art of beauty and balance. Artist and cosmetic clinician, clinic owner and founder, Francine Ithier is passionate about symmetry, structure and real skin health with a particular penchant for lips – and Instagram is loving her for […]

Is it time to go cashless?

Running payments through phone and online apps could have huge benefits for your business, while dramatically reducing risk.

Become a sustainable salon

Take a look around your salon or clinic and there’s a good chance you’ll quickly realise the amount of plastic you’re surrounded by. From product bottles, to sterile bags, packaging and the like, the amount of plastic that ends up as landfill is huge. Sustainability has become a bit of a buzz-word of late, and […]

The apps your business needs

If you’re still relying on a paper-and-pencil booking system for your salon or clinic, it could be time to consider app-based scheduling software. If that sounds intimidating, stay with us – it’s simpler than it sounds. We’ve gathered five of the most user-friendly, effective scheduling apps that not only take the admin out of booking […]

Cut costs without losing staff

When the going gets tough, many business owners fear that the most effective way to cut costs in a salon or clinic is to reduce head count. But there are other options to explore before you head down that path. Often, the some big savings are overlooked because business owners simply don’t feel the such […]

‘Wellness tourism’ hits Australia

It used to be that “wellness tourism” was mostly associated with Thailand, Bali and Malaysia – beautiful locations where treatments are comparatively less expensive than tourists’ home countries. According to recent statistics released by The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), global wellness tourism is on the rise, and Australia is set to claim its share. While […]


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