Thriving through stress

Whether you’re a salon owner or employee, there is one thing you’ll be able to agree on – working in the beauty industry can be a bit of a pressure-cooker environment. From back-to-back bookings, late-running clients, and spending the day on your feet, stress can seep in and take hold. Here are some techniques for […]

CPCA weighs in on sunscreen debate

When it comes to premature ageing and our harsh Aussie climate, it’s a safe bet that every skincare professional will tout the benefits of a high-quality sunscreen. However, scientific debate has emerged around nanotechnology in sunscreens and the potential for particles to escape into the blood stream. A recent study conducted in November 2019 by […]

The new rules of customer engagement

We live in an era of complete accessibility. And as a result, clients expect to be able to speak with businesses as easily as they do with friends and family. They want a personalised experience, to feel valued and to know that businesses are willing to be flexible to enhance the client experience. The contact […]

Botox: not just for wrinkles

Botox is a go-to for those stubborn frown lines and deep crows feet, sure. But doctors are using the injectable to treat a whole host of complaints from clients. Chronic migraines Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Doctor William Binder observed that when he gave patients Botox for wrinkles, they reported fewer headaches. After long-running tests on […]

Do your clients really want ‘green’ products?

Beauty consumers say they care about the ‘sustainability’ of the beauty products they buy but only 51 percent “purposefully purchase recyclable/reusable beauty and personal care products”, according to new research. The Benchmarking Group research company recently surveyed 7300 beauty consumers in the US “to gauge what steps they’re currently taking and what steps they’d be […]

Phone apps mislead eczema sufferers

More than a third of phone apps currently available to help eczema sufferers manage their skin do not comply with international treatment guidelines, according to a new study. Led by Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, the study also found that none of the apps fulfil “the complete set of criteria for educational information, tracking functions or […]


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