Keep your Instagram community strong while your doors are closed

A huge number of social media followers is nice sure, but really engaging with the ones you already have? Well, that’s invaluable. Consider this: your existing customers are not only supporting your Instagram account, they’re likely supporting your salon too. So nurturing them is going to go a long way to ensuring you still have […]

Cosmetic dentists hit hard by restrictions

Cosmetic dentists are being massively impacted by the level-three restrictions announced by the Federal Government in a bid to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The new restrictions – enforced by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) – suggest that emergency-only dental work is to be carried out on patients. The majority of dentists in Australia will be […]

Rent relief for beauty salons

One of the biggest overheads for any beauty salon is likely to be rent. And with the Morrison government announcing last week that beauty salons had to close their doors, thousands of salon owners were left wondering how they were going to pay their landlords. While there isn’t a lot of good news for salon […]

Coronavirus: The new social media rules

They’re strange times we’re living in, and with last week’s government directive to close beauty salons and spas, our industry is navigating a road we’ve never travelled before. One thing we can agree on though: if we’re planning on re-opening our doors once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we need to ensure our brand stays […]

Cosmetic surgery stands down to assist in the COVID-19 fight

While beauty salons and spas have suffered a public blow thanks to the Coronavirus, cosmetic surgeons have also seen their businesses take an unprecedented tumble. With most treatments carried out by plastic and cosmetic surgeons classified as “non-essential’, their businesses have been forced to cancel or postpone all bookings until after the pandemic. “We’ve been […]

Become a beauty authority during the pandemic

Your clients chose your salon because they trusted you. They seeked out your advice, and valued your educated opinion. And now, thanks to COVID-19, your salon is closed. But that doesn’t mean the demand for your expertise has disappeared. In fact, while your clients are also facing the curtailing of their everyday lives, they’re going […]

Marketing your salon during the lockdown

With the government’s announcement on Tuesday evening that all beauty salons would be locked down from midnight on Wednesday (March 25), it would be tempting to shut down all marketing efforts. After all, what benefit could it bring? But before you pull the pin on your marketing plan, consider this: there will come a day […]

UPDATE: Assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic

This is a developing story, and will be regularly updated as news is released by the Government. With the federal government enforcing lockdowns of “non-essential businesses”, it’s an alarming time for salon owners and workers alike. While economists predict a huge number of small businesses to suffer irreversibly throughout a COVID-19 lockdown, the government has […]

Manage your anxiety amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Even in good times, being a business owner is stressful. Throw in a global health pandemic, forced closures and economic uncertainty, and you’d be forgiven for having a full-blown anxiety attack. Here’s how to keep your anxiety in check, amidst the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation. Make peace with your new schedule If you’re house-bound, you’re going […]


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