Everything you need to know about the Brazilian

The Brazilian has become a staple waxing technique for many salon businesses. Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of Lycon, gives Professional Beauty her top tips on nailing this sometimes tricky waxing technique.

The big debate: waxing vs sugaring

Thinking of introducing body sugaring to your treatment menu? We ask Lilliane Caron our nine burning questions about sugaring and what we should consider before taking on this sweet treatment.

8 amazing massage tips for the quads

If you have clients with hip and knee complaints, it could be because of tight quads. Here are eight tips on how to massage this large muscle group to perfection.

Fade scars with massage

Help improve your clients’ scarring with this special scar tissue massage technique. Here are six things you need to know.

How to encourage sports-mad men into your salon

Sportsmen (and men who love sport) are a great target market to encourage into your salon, particularly when it comes to waxing. Here are 6 tips to get sports-mad men into your treatment rooms.

The 5 senses of waxing

Add a touch of luxury to your clients’ waxing appointments by creating a sensorial salon experience.

6 nail myths your client believes to be true

Your clients may look relaxed sitting there in front of you, but there are some things they might believe about nail polishes that are just not true. We shed some light.


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