A scientific study has proven a link between massage and muscle recovery. So, if you have an athletic client, encourage them to book in for regular massages to get back on the track faster. 


Massage post-workout improves muscles strength and reduces swelling


We all know that a good rub down post run or gym session makes us feel great. But proving it at cell level is not as simple as it sounds. A scientific study by Ohio State University tested the benefits of massage on muscle recovery after exercise and the results will have clients in for an appointment. Here are some of the findings:


Muscles regain strength quickly

Muscles massaged after intense exercise using cyclic compression (repetitive pressure) recovered about 60 percent of their strength within the four day trial few. This is compared to just a 14 percent recovery of strength in muscles that were simply rested.

Muscles heal better 

It also found that muscles massaged post-exercise had fewer damaged fibres and almost no sign of white blood cells compared to rested muscles. A lack of white blood cells indicates the body didn’t have to work hard to repair muscle tissue post workout.

Massage allows muscles to regain strength within days
Massage allows muscles to regain strength within days


Swelling is reduced

Massaged muscles weighed about 8 percent less than muscles that had just been rested, which indicates a pronounced reduction in swelling.

The results could impact other medical conditions

Senior author of the study, Thomas Best, a professor of family medicine at Ohio State University says, “Ultimately, we could also find out how massage helps not just exercise-induced muscle injury, but swelling and pain associated with other medical conditions, as well.”


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