Remedial massage can solve many chronic and acute pain issues. Here are seven facts you might not know about the clinical massage technique. 


Remedial massage can solve chronic and acute pain.
Remedial massage can solve chronic and acute pain.


It’s targeted 

Rather than general relaxation, remedial massage focuses on the mechanical aspects of the body to encourage the healing of injured soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. A deep massage performed by a trained massage therapist, remedial massage works to return the body to normal health after injury or chronic muscular-skeletal issues.


It can multitask 

Remedial massage is ideal for most injuries where the skin is left in tact. This might include sprains, strains, shin splints, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, chronic pain, tight muscles, repetitive strain injury and back pain.


It’s clinical 

Recognised by health funds, remedial massage is a therapeutic clinical treatment designed to work alongside medical health professionals to get individual case specific results.


It’s not always relaxing

As you are often dealing with injury, remedial massage, can sometimes be uncomfortable but studies have shown that most people will notice great benefits after just one session.


It gets the blood going 

Designed to increase the flow of blood and lymph in the injured areas of the body, this deep tissue massage can help remove blockages in the body, repair damaged cells, and heal scar tissue and adhesions post injury. It speeds up recovery and encourages total healing.


Sports people love it (but it’s not just for them)

Sports people have their remedial therapist on speed-dial to make sure small (even unnoticeable) injuries are treated before they reduce performance and become a problem debilitating. But you should let your non-sporting clients know that they will gain for a remedial massage session too. Injuries can happen from sitting at a desk incorrectly all day so you should let your clients know that pain that keeps cropping up is a sign of an internal injury that hasn’t been effectively treated.


Pain reduction isn’t the only benefit

Remedial massage isn’t designed to relax your client but you can let them know that the benefits are more than just pain reduction. Other benefits include a boost in vitality, increased performance levels and better mobility.



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