You need a mentor

The right mentor is more than just someone to give you business advice – they can be your coach, sounding board. Reality check, counsellor and cheerleader. They’ve been there and they’ve done it.

If you don’t have someone you’ve created a mentor/mentee relationship with, here’s why you should consider it.

They keep you motivated
You’re the boss of your salon and as such, it’s your job to keep your team motivated and achieving their best. But who keeps you going? Who keeps you accountable? “Having someone that checks in on you and reviews your progress towards your commitments and goals is invaluable,” says business expert Carley James. “Sitting down with someone and checking in on how you’re tracking is a pretty sure way to ensure you keep kicking goals.”

They can connect you
Whether you’re looking for a new supplier, financial advisor, or mental health expert, having an impartial mentor in your corner can come in handy. “They’ve been around, and a good mentor is impartial. They’ll give you advice that’s for your best interest, and it comes from a place of experience,” says Carley.

They can give you a confidence boost
As business owners, we’ve all questioned if it’s worth it at times, right? And whether we’re cut out for this work, whether we should walk away. Having a mentor on hand is like having a direct line to an unclouded opinion. “A mentor cares about you, for sure, but they’re in a better position to be objective about something than you may be, because it’s not their business. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed, a mentor can step in, remind you of everything you’re doing right, where you can improve, and give you the mental tools to make a clearer decision.”

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