Top 3 Reasons to Introduce Equipment to Your Business

Have you been sitting on the fence when it comes to introducing beauty equipment to your salon?


The decision may seem overwhelming, so here are the core reasons why biting the bullet and investing in beauty equipment may just be the best move you ever make.

1. Beauty technology is the way of the future
In fact, the industry is already in full force. The days of simply going to the salon for a mani-pedi and a skincare facial are becoming increasingly rarer. Nowadays, consumers are switched on to the latest in beauty advancements thanks to the interactive platform of the internet and social media. They want the best that beauty science has to offer. Why just get a facial when you can combine it with microdermabrasion technology and get far superior results? Why just get a wax when you can permanently remove unwanted hair with IPL treatments? Beauty technology is not just an investment for your business, but for your clients as well – they are investing in you to bring them real, noticeable results.

2. You can effectively meet a wider range of customer demands
By offering an array of services on your treatment menu, you are automatically inviting in a larger demographic of customers through your door. The latest high quality beauty equipment often has multi-functional capabilities, meaning that you don’t have to spend a fortune on several machines to offer your clients a variety of services. Depending on the device you select a single medical grade IPL machine can not only permanently remove hair, but also treat acne and pigmentation. Some IPL devices even provide options to tighten lax skin and tone and sculpt stubborn areas of fat. One machine = multiple stand-alone treatments. Now that’s what you call maximising value!

3. Higher customer satisfaction leads to better business growth results
Specially-formulated skincare is fantastic – and a core part of the beauty industry, but now it’s clearer than ever that by combining skincare with beauty technology, also known as ‘layering’, you can begin to get results that will really leave a lasting impression. Beauty technology accelerates results and also has the ability to reverse signs of ageing and correct skin concerns in ways that simply have not been possible in the past. It goes without saying that if your customers leave your salon looking and feeling great – they will be back for more. And, they will spread the word! Don’t forget – your clients really are the best form of free advertising.

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