Throw a COVID-Safe staff Christmas party

We’ve earned the right to celebrate, that’s for sure. Here are some tips on how to ensure your end-of-year celebrations give you the pat on the back you deserve, while also remaining safe.

Go virtual
If you’re not convinced that heading out is right for you – or if your salon employs more people than are currently permitted in a group gathering in your state, consider making it a virtual event. “If there’s one thing we’ve mastered in 2020, it’s the art of the Zoom catch-up,” says events planned Caterina Wynberg. “But to pull off the perfect virtual event, you have to ensure it doesn’t feel like a meeting. Send party food and cocktail kits to your staff’s homes, and book a bar tender to show them, virtually, how to create the evening’s signature cocktail. Include a dress code and have music ready to go. The best part is no one has to worry about how they’re getting home!”

Make it an event
Sure, dinners are nice, but an activity will keep your staff enthralled, and talking about it for days to come. “Things like treasure hunts around the city, escape rooms, Amazing Race-themed days out, they’re all awesome. Plus, they allow for social distancing. End the event with a light meal or some drinks at the local.”

Make it a team decision 
Even though your state may be allowing gatherings, your staff may still be uncomfortable with it. “Loads of people are still choosing to keep socialising to a minimum,” says Caterina. “So ask your staff how they feel about celebrating the end of the year. Let their feelings towards socialising guide your decision.”

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