If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. And as we make our way cautiously through the opening credits of 2021, it’s no surprise that the predicted trends are unlike those we’ve seen in recent years.

Kinder hygiene
We’ve all suffered the drying effects of hand sanitiser, and so it’s no surprise that with the expectation to sanitise staying put, brands are working to make their hygiene products kinder to the skin. Brands are focusing on nourishing hands with essentials oils and moisturising ingredients in its products and even looking to expand scent ranges and packaging.

Maskne products 
Maskne – the acne brought on by wearing masks – has become a buzzword in 2020, and is likely to remain a condition for most of 2021. Products like acne stickers and spot treatments are going to come in handy for those mask induced spots. 

Liquid lipstick
Masks mean smudging, from foundation to lipstick, under the mask can turn into a transfer zone. According to Charlie Riddle, global creative director at Stila Cosmetics, “Liquid lipstick in particular is making a big comeback this season. Women want products that will stay on throughout the day without having to worry about it coming off on their face mask.”

Cosmetic procedures for “Zoom Face”
As e previously reported, the increase in people seeing themselves on video calls has left many consumers searching for elective cosmetic procedures, according to Yelp. Consumers were looking to address issues like crow’s feet, jawline filler and nose jobs. 
Sheila Farhang, M. D., cosmetic surgeon and founder of Avant Dermatology, said, “I am seeing an uptick in requests for eye area treatments, the most popular being lower eyelid blepharo­plasty to reduce the appearance of under eye bags. Before you come into the office, I recommend trying eye creams with caffeine to reduce swelling and brighten the under eyes.”

Smarter tech gadgets 
When salons closed, at-home gadgets really came into their own. Cue at-home LED masks, which have given customers a similar result, with a one-off payment. Those gadgets are going nowhere.

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