The trends to follow for business growth

With the Australian beauty industry raking in a staggering $6.5 million last year, and predicted to grow exponentially in the next five years, here are the four trends that beauty insiders say are going to determine just how well a salon fares in the race to grab a slice of that lucrative pie.

Natural, clean and sustainable are the magic words
In an era of environmental awareness, and with a younger generation coming of age, making a song and dance about your salon’s respect for the earth and commitment to doing your part to protect it will speak volumes. Where possible, use naturally-occurring ingredients, and products that are ‘clean’, or free from artificial additives. Offer to email receipts to clients rather than printing them, and use glasses or glass bottles instead of paper cups for water. They’re small things, but they won’t go unnoticed.

A hands-on experience is crucial
Word of mouth is good, yes, but seeing something for yourself is aways going to go further. With that in mind, offer your existing clients add-on services to try a new treatment at a discounted rate. Have a monthly draw where a loyal customer receives a pamper package – and then offer a discount if they wish to purchase a series of the treatment. Host events and invite clients to ‘bring a friend’ that hasn’t visited your salon before.

Real is beautiful
It’s a blurred line because on one level, the aspirational marketing collateral you have in the waiting area may inspire clients to book in for “whatever she’s had done”, but by the same token, images of perfection can be alienating and overwhelming. You know that saying, ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’? Use it to your advantage. Ensure that your marketing collateral features diversity of race, culture and body shape.

Beauty customers are loyal
As much as we can be led to believe that customers will jump to try a new product or salon, a survey by market research firm Ipsos found that 80% of participants felt an obligation to stay with the salon they visited, but that they would be more likely to spend more money there if they received a better level of service or customer engagement. That said, such a fierce level of loyalty can make it difficult to launch a new salon and effectively lure customers to break their loyalty. New salons will need to offer a point of difference – such as sustainable products, latest tech, or launch specials – to get potential clients through the door.


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