The impact of ‘green’ beauty

As consumers are becoming more aware of what they are putting on their bodies, global brands are looking at how they incorporate more natural and sustainable ingredients to their ranges.

Many beauty brands are now also considering how their choice of packaging impacts the environment.

But exactly what impact is the green beauty trend having on the skin care market, and how can salon owners, suppliers and beauty therapists best deal with these changes?

This was the second of six questions discussed by a panel of top industry leaders at Professional Beauty’s sixth roundtable, which was focused on the future of skincare.

In attendance was Alpha-H founder Michelle Doherty, managing director Derma Aesthetics Simone Vescio, Skintifix founder Robyn McAlpine, Skin Correctives owner Karen Meiring de Gonzalez, Brand and Business Strategy founder Olivier Duvillard and DMK Australia New Zealand national sales manager Eddie Norcross.

Our six experts unanimously agreed there had been a shift in corporate responsibility towards being green, driven largely by consumers.

But they raised some key challenges as a supplier and salon owner that came with changing rules.

Olivier said sustainability and the green trend was here to stay and it was important for a brand to “believe in something and be proud of it and have a voice that really resonates”.

Robyn said corporate responsibility was a very big, consumer trend-driven change in the beauty industry and she’d like to see big companies doing more on their own accord because “it’s not just about what’s going on our skin, it’s about what’s being washed down the plug hole”.

Simone said dermaviduals always worked around their formulations to ensure they were clean and biodegradable and would leave a positive ecological footprint for the next generation.

Michelle said Alpha-H sourced their ingredients from like-minded businesses and were always in line with those best practices.

Eddie said all brands that were across global markets had to take into account the various standards across the beauty and wellness industry.

Watch the video below to see the full discussion and make sure you visit our Roundtable hub to see what else our industry superstars had to say on the future of skincare.

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