There’s no denying we are entering an age of ‘skintellectualism’, where consumers are adopting a much more investigative approach to their routines and educating themselves about skincare ingredients.

But how are brands responding to this challenge?

This was the first of six questions discussed by a panel of top industry leaders at Professional Beauty’s sixth roundtable, which was focused on the future of skincare.

In attendance was Alpha-H founder Michelle Doherty, managing director Derma Aesthetics Simone Vescio, Skintifix founder Robyn McAlpine, Skin Correctives owner Karen Meiring de Gonzalez, Brand and Business Strategy founder Olivier Duvillard and DMK Australia New Zealand national sales manager Eddie Norcross.

Our six experts agreed that education was key for consumers, therapists and salon owners.

They said even though consumers today were a lot more educated, each client still needed to be assessed individually and treated accordingly by the skin care professional.

Eddie said education was key within the DMK network of clinics and therapists.

Olivier said consumers were a lot savvier than they used to be and was the job of the beauty industry professional to educate them a bit more .

Michelle said one size doesn’t fit all and as beauty therapists, it was important to find out what was going on with the customer and their lifestyle, their habits and their changing needs, rather than just a skin analysis.

Karen said as a clinic owner it was important to have a heightened awareness with the public to gain the client’s trust.

Robyn said her job was being “very hands on with clients” and as a skin expert it was important to raise the bar on a level of learning and do a great job because education had become the forefront of a product.

Simone said as an industry we needed to be very aware of the education coming from our website and the distributor’s websites to make sure they were not just about marketing hype and trying to sell the next trend or fad. She said we needed to have “good, credible information that is there to be utilised, especially when it comes to social media”.

Watch the video below to see the full discussion and make sure you visit our Roundtable hub to see what else our industry superstars had to say on the future of skincare.