Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo: Leaders in Business Summit

The Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, under the new reigns of event director Julia Erben, will showcase a fresh and futuristic program including one very forward thinking addition – the ‘Leaders in Business Summit.'

In an industry of separated factions, the expo proves to be the driving force of the industry by bringing together leaders from the spa, beauty and medi segments in a never before seen congregated force.

The ‘Leaders in Business Summit’ aims to divulge the industry’s most pressing questions impacting the future of many businesses both short and long term. Most importantly it will ask the pending question of the industry – who is the consumer of tomorrow?

Business leaders will be invited to join a forum of discussion and thought on the industry’s future outlook. Find out how businesses will prepare and equip themselves with the necessary tools to satisfy the future consumer. “As consumers impact all pillars of the business, the ‘Leaders in Business Summit’ aims to equip your business with knowledge of your future consumer profile and strategies on how to prepare your staff and operations to service them”, Erben says.

The medi side of the industry is the fastest growing segment of the market, with the consumer of today seeking out all possible offers available. The expo aims to equip the industry with the latest products and technologies in order to meet this demand and will support strategic discussion through the introduction of the summit. Julia has recognised that “there are common challenges to all types of businesses in the beauty world,” and has designed this years program accordingly to “benefit Beauty and Nail Salons, Spas, Mediclinics and even practice managers alike.” At the same time she says, “the summit will offer networking on a completely new level – an essential ingredient for professionals to learn from each other and build those highly relevant referral networks.”

The day will commence with a visionary introduction by a futurist who will set the scene for the summit – ‘the psychology of the consumer-being of tomorrow’, followed by 3 sessions of guest speakers who will concentrate on three pillars of business; The Offer, Staffing and Marketing. The Summit will conclude with a round-table discussion where business leaders will be invited to voice their opinions, ask questions and offer feedback to their industry peers.

The ‘Leaders in Business Summit’ at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo is set to be a pivotal event for 2012 – an opportunity to discover future success in this ever-changing industry.

Leaders in Business Summit will be held on Sunday 12 August on the mezzanine level of the expo. Bookings are essential. Registrations open in June, for more information head to

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