Online Salon Training with Salon Accelerator

The Salon Accelerator program is a new course from Worldwide Salon Marketing, designed for salon owners who want tested, proven marketing that’s guaranteed to bring clients through the door.

The 12 week program provides instantly-downloadable letters, posters and other promotions, along with video instruction on exactly how to use them for the best results.

Salon owners can sign up online to download these unique templates within minutes. For example, Week 1 provides a series of letters designed specifically to get ‘lost’ clients back into the salon, and detailed instruction on how best to use them. According to the company, hundreds of salons around the world have used these carefully-worded letters to get as many as 45% of their ‘missing in action’ clients back.

Week 2 shows how to sell memberships, with downloadable templates for promoting various types of memberships, from monthly payments to up-front cash.

Most salons rely on referrals, but do little to actively encourage them. Week 3 of the Salon Accelerator program details a well-tested and proven program that gets clients referring their friends and colleagues. Week 4 shows how to set up Joint Ventures with other retailers.

Later modules give the salon owner instruction and actual templates for up-selling retail products in the salon, instruction on how to use your Facebook page to sell special offers and even create auctions, and how to avoid the mistakes most businesses make when building a website or having one designed.

Worldwide Salon Marketing, based in Perth and with offices in Canada, the United States and New Zealand, is the developer of the now well-known Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit, part of the company’s flagship Inner Circle marketing and mentoring program.

More than 4,000 salons around the world have used the program to help increase sales and profits.

According to co-founder and CEO Greg Milner, the company saw a need for a lower-level, all-digital program for those salons who wanted to ‘dip their toe in the water’ without the on-going commitment of the premium Inner Circle program.

“We have more than 400 salons in the Inner Circle program at any one time, but there are tens of thousands more salons who desperately need help with marketing but don’t even know where to start,” says Mr Milner.

“They certainly can’t afford a full-time marketing director, so the Salon Accelerator program is designed to give these owners some easy-to-implement strategies that have already been proven thousands of times over by our Inner Circle members all over the world.”

He says the Salon Accelerator program is also perfect for chair and booth renters, as well as owner-operator salons where the owner is typically working alone.

“All you need to do is sit in front of your computer, turn the speakers up, watch what’s happening on the screen, download the templates and hit ‘print’,” says Mr Milner. “We’ve made it as seamless and easy as it is possible to make. The whole thing is handed to the salon owner on a plate.”

Salon owners can sign up and get started instantly at

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