Consider yourself an influencer? Online beauty clubs are seducing beauty professionals with free products and beauty discounts. It could boost your profile!

Are you a beauty influencer? Joining an online selling platform could reap rewards.
Are you a beauty influencer? Joining an online selling platform could reap rewards.

Proving the power of influencers on our spending habits, UK-based digital social selling platform The Libbie Club is encouraging mobile beauty therapists to join up and gain rewards by retailing selected beauty products to clients.

“The Libbie Club is a fantastic way to try new beauty products from brands you might not usually pick up off the shelf, for free,” says Sophie Maxwell, business development and community manager at The Libbie Club. “Our ‘Libbies’ are trusted by their friends and clients when it comes to choosing the right beauty products. Now they are getting rewarded for the advice they have always been giving.”

Once signed up to the beauty club, members receive a monthly box with a selection of full-sized products  to trial for themselves. They then write up their reviews on their personalised Libbie Club dashboard and “spread the word” through social media (or good ol’ fashioned word of mouth). If at least one product is sold, the following month’s box (filled with at least three products such as natural nail company Little Ondine, CowShed, Nude Skincare and new makeup brand CID cosmetics), is secured.

As well as all the free product, members are incentivised with vouchers and discounts; the more a member sells, the higher the reward. And word is catching on among beauty experts; since launching a year ago, over one hundred UK beauty professionals have joined the site.



Want in? Australian beauty platform, Bella Box, is also on the look out for beauty influencers. But you’ll need to have a strong online presence to get the gig.

“We are looking for established influencers with engaged audiences who are willing to help build our brand,” says the site. “This is a program for those of you who want to benefit from bellabox content every month and…receive new products to share and talk about on your profiles, channels and blogs.”

If you’re really clued in, you could even be paid. “We will consider paid profiles for the most established of you,” says the Bella Box team.






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